Sunday, 31 March 2013

Update Page in OA Framework.

In this post ,We will try to updates record in OAF page.In the previous posts i have created a "Search Page" .I will start Update Record in OAF page from this post.So please go through this post first then after creating Search page you will try to uddate records from there.Please go through the below link first.

As reference to the previous post creating "Creating Search Page In OAF" we will start update records in OAF page from here.

My  "Project" and "Workspace" is same as in "Creating Search Page in OAF".

First i will create a update page in the Project "RohitSearchPage".

Right Click on Project "RohitSearchPage".Click New.

Enter the Page Name="RohitUpdatePG"

Default Package=""

we create the page under the webui under the project directory

Click Ok Page has been created.
 Update Page has created as below.

Click on Page "RohitUpdatePG" and Below in the Structure Page Click on "region1"
Repalce the ID of the "region1" with "PageLayoutRN" in the property inspector.
Then Again click on region  "PageLayoutRN" and then go to right hand side in property window set AM for this Region.
Set Properties for "PageLayoutRN".
Window Title=Rohit Tutorial
Title=Update Page.
We will attach the same AM of page "RohitSearchPage" to this page "RohitUpdatePG".

Right Click on Region "PageLayoutRN"=>Click new=>Click Region.

Then Region1 has created below "PageLayoutRN".
Click on this Region1 and go to the property window.
Set Properties for Region1
Region Style=messageComponentlayout.
Now right Click on Region "MainRN".Click "messageTextinput".
Then Item1 has created below Region "MainRN".
 Same like item1 created item2 under Region "MainRN".
 Set Properties For Item1
 View Instance=SupplierVO
Item Style=messageTextInput.
View Attribute=SupplierId

 Set Properties For Item2
 View Instance=SupplierVO
Item Style=messageTextInput.
View Attribute=SupplierName
Prompt=Supplier Name

Now Again Right Click on Region "PageLayoutRN"=>Click new=>Click Region.


 Then Region1 has created Below "PageLayoutRN".
Click on Region1 and then Go to property Window.
Set Properties
Region Style=pageButtonBar.

 Now Right Click on Region "ButtonPage".Click New=>Click Item.
Then item3 has created under "ButtonPage".
Same Like this create "Item4" under "ButtonPage" region.
Set Properties for Item3
 Item Style=submitbutton.

Set Properties for Item4
 Item Style=submitbutton.
 Now We create a Controller For the page "RohitUpdatePG".

Under page "RohitUpdatePG". Right Click on Region "PageLayoutRN" =>Click "setnewController".
Enter The Controller Name=RohitUpdatePageCO
Then Controller has created as below

 Now go to the page "RohitSearchPage".Select Page "RohitSearchPage".
Under Structure Window Right Click on "ResultsTable" under region "MainRN".=>Click New=>Click Item.

Then item1 has created under "ResultsTable".
Click on Item1 and go to right hand side in Property window.
Item Style=image
Image URI=updateicon_enabled.gif
Action Type=fireAction.

Put the code under the ProcessFormRequest in  Controller "RohitSearchPageCO"

    if ("update_action".equals(pageContext.getParameter(EVENT_PARAM)))


Put the code under the ProcessFormRequest in  Controller "RohitUpdatePageCO"

    OAApplicationModule am =

After this Rebuild the Project "RohitSearchPage" and then run the page "RohitSearchPagePG".

Friday, 29 March 2013

Part2 Creating a simple Hello World Page in OAF

Part2 Creating a simple Hello World Page in OAF

Hi Friends , this is the Second and Last part of Creating POP List (List Item) in OAF Page. Here below is the First part of LOV creating in OAF Page.


Page has created as below

when you click the "RohitHelloWorldPage" Below structure pane has dispayed as below

Click on the region1.On the right hand side In the property inspector we  will set the AM for the this page.

On the right hand side click  in the property inspector click on the AM Definition as below

Select the Application Module.
Enter the Window Title and Title in the Property inspector of region1.

Right Click on the region1 and then new and then click  region

Then region2 has created.

Right Click on "region2".Click new and then click item.

Then Item1 has created as below

Now we create a Button in the Page for this Right click on the "region2".Click new and then click item.

Click on item2 and then go to the property inspector for this item.
Change the Item stype=submitButton.

Now we have write a logic when the user click the button It will show some meesage in the screen .So we create a controller for this page.

Right click on the "region1" in the structure of the page.

Enter the Controller Name="RohitHelloWorldPageCO"

According to the OAF standard controller has creater under the webui of the project directory as shown above. Click Ok.

Controller has created.It contains two blocks.
1.Process Request.It fires when page Load.
2.Process Form Request.It fires when button pressed.

We will write the below code under the processFromRequest.

    public void processFormRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processFormRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    String a=pageContext.getParameter("item1");
    String b=a+" It is a OAF testing.";
    throw new OAException(b,OAException.INFORMATION);

After this Right Click on the project "RohitHelloWorldPage" and then Click Rebuild.

Rebuild is the compilation of the project.

After successful compilation , Right Click on the page "RohitHelloWorldPagePG".
Click Run.

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