Monday, 15 January 2018

How to Create Dependent LOV in Oracle Fusion Report

How to Create Dependent LOV in Oracle Fusion Report

Hi Friends in this post I will show you how we can create Dependent LOV in Oracle Fusion Reporting Tools Before creating Dependent Parameters you can also visit below Posts to understand more about Oracle Fusion BIP reports and steps to create in oracle fusion.

This is the parameters of Supplier in BIP reports as below.

P_VENDOR_NAME is the parameters name of Vendor.
Parameter Type Should be Menu if you are attaching LOV to Parameter.

This is the LOV of P_VENDOR_NAME parameter.
SQL Query :-   select vendor_name from poz_suppliers_v

Then go back to Parameter P_VENDOR_NAME and attach this LOV to this parameter as below.

We are Creating P_VENDOR_SITE parameter that will be dependent on P_VENDOR_NAME parameter. This P_VENDOR_SITE parameter will show Vendor Sites based on Vendor Selection.

We are Creating Vendor Site Lov with below Query.

SELECT pvs.vendor_site_code
FROM poz_supplier_sites_all_m pvs, hz_locations hzl, hz_party_sites hps ,POZ_SUPPLIERS PS
WHERE hzl.location_id = pvs.location_id
AND hps.party_site_id = pvs.party_site_id
AND pvs.vendor_id=PS.VENDOR_ID

Now we are going back to P_VENDOR_NAME paramter and do below change as below.

Now i am going to attach Site LOV to P_VENDOR_SITE parameter as below

How to Create Dependent LOV in Oracle Fusion Report


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