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What is Oracle Fusion BIP Reports. Difference in Oracle Fusion BIP and Oracle RDF

What is Oracle Fusion BIP Reports. Difference in Oracle Fusion BIP and Oracle RDF

Hi Friends , In this Post , We will discuss Oracle Fusion BIP Reports. I will show you step by step process for how to create an BIP report and how we can run the BIP report in Oracle cloud. We will also discuss What is Oracle Fusion BIP Reports and Difference in Oracle Fusion BIP and Oracle RDF

In r12 , we do use Oracle Report Builder to Create RDF reports or we can also use XML publisher to create Oracle Reports but in Fusion , There is no Report builder and XML publisher kind of thing. In Fusion Oracle has provided business intelligence publisher(BIP) to design and create our custom reports.

Oracle Fusion has divided the Oracle Reporting system in to Parts.

1.OTBI (Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence).
2.BIP (Business intelligence publisher)

What is Oracle Fusion BIP Reports. Difference in Oracle Fusion BIP and Oracle RDF


The difference between OTBI and BIP is that , OTBI is the standard reporting system like Oracle standard reports in r12. But in r12 we or user did not have that flexibility to change its output as per the requirement but in Oracle fusion Oracle has provided this feature through OTBI. In OTBI oracle has provided standard Data Models( Data models is same as Oracle RDF data model used to built sql query and fetch data) and provided standard layouts also but there is also flexibility in the OTBI is this user can use the standard data model and change the report output as per the need so its quite user friendly reporting system.

Second this in OTBI ,Oracle has created Data models for most of its important data tables so user can create reports on any data bases on these data models. But we cannot do changes in Standard OTBI Data Models but there is a provision by which we can do change in the standard data model but then we need to save it in a Different name.

BIP :-

BIP is the customize reporting tool. Oracle Fusion has provided BIP to create custom reports or to meet the need of the business which is not achievable through OTBI reporting tool.

BIP is most similar like Oracle RDF report in which we creates Data Models , Different -2 groups then Link groups with Data Links. We can create Before and After Report triggers in form of event triggers. We can Create Parameters and List of Values also. We can also use custom Package also in the BIP.

But in Oracle R12 , we have very important useful tool set  that Formula Columns , Placeholder and summary columns but these tool set is not available in BIP reports. We can do some calculation in BIP on columns but we cannot write separate code in BIP like Formula column in Oracle RDF. This is a Big limitation in BIP reports because Formula Columns and Placeholder and Summary Columns quite useful in designing Complex reports.

We can also create Lexical Parameters in Oracle Fusion BIP reports so that we can change the report query dynamically based on conditions. We can creates Lexical parameters with the help of Event trigger but this is also possible if you using Oracle Fusion PAAS service if you are using Oracle Fusion SAAS then you cannot use Event Triggers.

In the Next post I will share you step by step process to create BIP reports and How to register in Oracle Fusion.

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What is Oracle Fusion BIP Reports. Difference in Oracle Fusion BIP and Oracle RDF



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