Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Part 2- How we can attach custom LOV in Oracle Standard OAF Page Without doing any customization and extension in standard OAF Page.

This is our Supplier Creation Page where I want to see Custom LOV of External Supplier No so that user can select that Number during supplier creation in Oracle.

First of all we get to know which VO object is working behind this suppler creation page for this you need to click on About this page and then expand all.
You need to search with Supplier form any field to get the VO working for that fields. In our case we got that HzPuiOrganizationProfileQuickVO is working on supplier page.
Click on Personalize ‘Organization Quick code link in Supplier Page
Click on Create Item as below.
Select Level – Site and Item Style – Message Lov Input.
ID= Any name you can give without spaces.
External LOV- Path of your Custom VO which you create in Jdev.
Prompt:- External Supplier No.
View Attribute = Attribute2 (DFF Field)
View Instance = HzPuiOrganizationProfileQuickVO

Now again under External Supplier No LOV input field รจ click on create item for Lov mappings.

Level =Site
Item Style= Lov Map
ID= Any Id without space
Criteria Item= ExternalSupplierNo ( LOV item created in JDev)
LOV Region Item= RohitExternalLOV (LOV Region name created in JDeveloper)
Return Item = XX_EXTERNAL_SUPPLIER( LOV Input item created in OAF page by personalization in previous step)
LOV Region Item
Criteria Item
After the personalization we can see below , External Supplier No is started showing in the Supplier Creation Form in Oracle Standard OAF page.


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