Tuesday, 16 January 2018

How to Migrate OAF personalizations from One Instance to Another Instance Automatically.

Hi Friends ,In this post I will show you how you can migrate your OAF personalization from one instance to another instance automatically.

If you are working on any project and  you have done lot of personalization in OAF pages now you are moving all the things to production so there is one option you can create personalization manually in production but this is a time consuming job and risky too because you can do mistakes so for this I am showing you the easy  quick and error free method to migrate OAF personalization from test to Production.

In Functional Administrator responsibility , you can directly go to Personalization Tab and there you can migrate your Personalizations

Step1 : -  I am sharing below profile , you have to set valid server path of you instance from where you want to copy the Personalizations.

'FND: Personalization Document Root Path'
As an example I set path /usr/tmp
Step2:- Go to Functional Administrator.
Step3- Go to Personalization Tab
Then Go to Personalization Repository.

Step 4:- Then enter the Document path/ page path for which you want to download all your Personalizations as below.
Select pages and click on Export to File System button.

This will save the Personalization registration in a file and will put this file under  path '/usr/tmp'
'FND: Personalization Document Root Path'
As an example I set path /usr/tmp

You have to copy this file in your desktop.

Step 8:- After Copy the file in you desktop. Then you have move this file to your target system server path.

You have to copy that path where you have moved this personalization registration file in target system/production.

Then again open the Target system application and set the below profile
'FND: Personalization Document Root Path'  to the path where you have moved the personalization file in your target system.

Step9 :- Then again go to Target system application and go to functional administrator and then personalization tab and Click on Exported Personalization's and upload all the personalization registrations.

After this you can check your personalization has been created in your targeted application.


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