Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Introduction of Oracle Workflow Builder

Introduction of Oracle Workflow Builder

Hi Friends , this post I will share the Introduction of Oracle Workflows.

We all know that , we use Oracle workflow for approval matrix in oracle apps. It helps us to create approval chain in our system based on the conditions. There are many well known approval workflows which commonly use in Oracle EBS like PO Approval workflow , Requisition workflow , Invoice approval Workflow , Expense Approval Workflow, GL voucher approval workflow.

It helps us to send approval notification to approvers in the oracle system based on the conditions which we designed in Our workflow and by that way we can provide more transparency in our process in Oracle EBS. but approval is not the only feature of Workflow.

We perform many actions step by step in Oracle workflows and each step dependent on another step to make it complete the whole workflow cycle.

We can perform n number of validations in that workflow sequences and write n number of conditions on which our approval and our action will trigger in the system.

Oracle Workflow files saves in EBS data base as a DB object. Its extension is .wft

To create a custom workflow and to customize a standard workflow , we need to have workflow builder software in our system. In which we can design and customize the workflow file.

you can find this workflow builder software easily in Oracle metalink.

In the coming posts , I will share you many posts related to Oracle workflow and we will do hands on session to create a new and customize a standard workflow in Oracle EBS.

Introduction of Oracle Workflow Builder

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