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Oracle EBS Concurrent Program Vs Fusion ESS Jobs ((Enterprise Scheduler Jobs)

Oracle EBS Concurrent Program Vs Fusion ESS Jobs ((Enterprise Scheduler Jobs)

Hi Friends, In this post we will discuss about Oracle Fusion Concurrent Programs that is ESS jobs in Fusion.

We all know that , In Oracle E-Business suit we have concurrent programs , to register our Reports , PLSQL procedures , Packages and Host and Sql Loader Script. We use Concurrent Program in Oracle EBS r12 to run our reports and packages and Host and SQL loader Scripts. But in Fusion , We don't have concurrent programs , We have ESS jobs in Oracle Fusion to run our BIP reports , PLSQL scripts and other things.

In R12 , we put reports in Application TOP and then select that Application during Creating Concurrent Programs But in Oracle Fusion , We don't put Reports in Application Top but Create BIP Reports in Specific Path of the standard Given Path by Oracle in Fusion and Then use this Path in ESS Jobs registration then ESS job will access this report by this path.

We creates parameters in Concurrent Job and then attach value set in these parameters to provide lost of value selection to the users during runtime But in Oracle fusion , We have parameters in Oracle Fusion and we can also create Parameters in Oracle Fusion ESS jobs but in Fusion , We Don't attach Value set to ESS jobs parameter but We attach List of Value to Parameters. In Oracle Fusion , List of Value and Value set are two different -2 Terms and Objects. But in Oracle Fusion , We cannot Create custom List of Value (Table Type) to ESS jobs parameters. In Fusion Oracle has provided , standard VO (View Object) and on the basis of View Object(VO) , we create List of Values and attach List of List of Value to Parameters.

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ESS Job Registration Window :-

In Oracle apps R12 , We run concurrent Programs as a Concurrent Request but in Oracle fusion We runs ESS jobs as a Schedules Processes.

Schedules Processes Example:-



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