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Oracle Fusion BIP AND OTBI Report Security Concept

Oracle Fusion BIP AND OTBI Report Security Concept

Hi Friends, In this post , we will discuss about BIP and OTBI reports security concept. How we can implement security in these reports so that we can control the access of these reports and their data to Business users in Oracle Fusion.

Subject Area :-

In Fusion , Our BIP and OTBI reports creates in the Standard Subject area folder given by Oracle fusion. In OTBI , we can also use the Standard Subject areas to create our Analysis reports. But how we can control the access of these subject areas in Fusion, like which subject area user can access and which cannot.

Subject areas are functionally secured using duty roles. The names of duty roles that grant access to subject areas include the words Transaction Analysis Duty. so by that way we can control which the access of subject area in fusion BIP and OTBI reports.

BIP and OTBI Report Security:- When you creates OTBI and BIP report you can also set permission to these report by right click on these reports. You can control the access of these reports by setting permission like which Role or Which user can access these reports. 

If you have not set permission then reports are secured based on the folders in which they're stored.

You can set permissions to Reports:

  • Read, Execute, Write, or Delete
  • Change Permissions
  • Set Ownership
  • Run Publisher Report
  • Schedule Publisher Report
  • View Publisher Output
Reporting Data Duty Roles
The data that's returned in Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) reports can also be secured by Data Duty Roles.
Each of the Transaction Analysis Duty roles that grants access to subject areas and Business Intelligence Catalog (BI Catalog) folders inherits one or more Reporting Data Duty roles. These duty roles grant access to the data.

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BI Roles For BIP and OTBI reports

BI roles uses for both BIP and OTBI reports. They grant access to Business Intelligence functionality, such as the ability to run or author reports

BI Consumer RoleRuns Business Intelligence reports.
BI Author RoleCreates and edits reports.
BI Administrator RolePerforms administrative tasks such as creating and editing dashboards and modifying security permissions for reports, folders, and so on.
BI Publisher Data Model Developer RoleCreates and edits Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher data models.

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