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Part -1 Oracle Fusion : What is FBDI.FBDI process in oracle fusion.Step by Step to Load Suppliers Through FBDI.

What is FBDI and FBDI Process in Oracle fusion .Step by Step to Load Suppliers Through FBDI.

Hi Friends, In coming post I am going to share you all about Oracle Fusion or Oracle Cloud. In oracle fusion , oracle has given FBDI to import data from other Application or integrate oracle Application with other external applications. FBDI process in Oracle Fusion is used for Loading mass of Data. Here I will describe what is FBDI and How its work in Oracle Fusion. I will also share Step by Step to Load Suppliers Through FBDI.

Yes , In Fusion our way of working will be change. We will use new tools , new technologies(SOA,ADF,BIP,FBDI,OTBI). We use oracle cloud fbdi templates to load data in Cloud. We put data in these FBDI Templates and then upload these templates in Oracle Fusion.

FBDI means File Based Data Import

In this post I am going to Discuss about FBDI. FBDI means File Based Data Import.

In Oracle Apps we uses Interface tables and Oracle API to insert data in Oracle Base Tables or To make integration of Oracle EBS with other software we took help from Interfaces and API.

Oracle FBDI Templates. Oracle cloud erp FBDI process detail description in the Second Part of this Post.

Really in Oracle apps , Data Loading was a complex job.

Oracle Apps Data Loading Steps.

1.Prepare data Templates and get data in these templates from business for Suppliers , customer and Items.
2. Then create SQL loader programs to Load data from These Data Templates.
3.Run Custom Import programs to insert data from staging table to Interface tables.
4.Finally run import program to load data in Oracle Base tables.

But my friends in Fusion this thing will gone be easy we don't need to take lot of pain during data load. Oracle has already provided standard data templates for each module and each interface.we just need to download these data templates and put data in these data templates and upload this file to cloud and run scheduled processes to move the data in interface tables.

FBDI Template oracle

  • Recommended for high volume data import
  • Loads data from flat files that are placed on a secure FTP server into interface tables
  •  Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) Jobs move data to Fusion Applications base tables
  • Interface tables and the processing job descriptions can be found in Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER)

FBDI Data Import Steps.

Step-1:- Download template from Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) 
Step-2:-Prepare Data conversion file & generate .csv & .zip files 
Step-3:-Upload the zip file to Oracle Cloud 
Step-4:-Login to Fusion Applications 
Step-5:-Submit the Load Interface File for Import process 
Step-6:-Submit the product specific import job 
Step-6:-Review output file for any errors.

In my Next post FBDI Part-2 we will try to upload suppliers through FBDI in Oracle Cloud.

Part -1 Oracle Fusion : What is FBDI and How its work in Oracle Fusion. Step by Step to Load Suppliers Through FBDI.


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