Thursday, 8 February 2018

Part1 : Customer Import in Oracle Fusion Through FBDI

Part1 :Customer Import in Oracle Fusion Through FBDI

Hi Friends, in this post ,we will try to Import Customers in Oracle Fusion Through FBDI.

This Topic is split in two parts. This is the first Part.



Step1:- Go to Oracle Repository to Download FBDI Data Templates

Step2:- Download the Customer Data Template as below.

Step3:- Go to Oracle Fusion responsibility and go to Data Import Roles.

Step4:- Now click on 'Create Data Import Batch ' as below

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Step5:- Enter the Batch Details as below.

Step6:- When you will save the Data Import batch then it will create Batch Id as below.

You have to copy this Batch id and put this Batch id Customer Data Template for All Records.
 By that way this batch will identify the records to be imported through Data Template.

Step7:- Now Copy that Batch id Data Template as below.

Step8:- Now click the ZIP file as below.

Step9:- This is the ZIP File Created.

 Got to the second part to see the rest of the steps



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