Thursday, 8 February 2018

Oracle Fusion FBDI : AR Auto Invoice Import

Oracle Fusion FBDI : AR Auto Invoice Import

Hi Friends , in this post We will try to Import AR Invoices in Oracle Fusion Through FBDI.

Step1:- Go to Oracle Repository to Download FBDI Data Templates

Step2:- Enter the Data in Data Template. Please be sure , your Transaction Batch Source Name should be created in the System

Step3:- Then click on the First tab of This Data Template and Click on 'Generate CSV File'

Step4:- This is the Zip file created from this Data Template.

Step5:- Go to Oracle Fusion and Then go to Navigator and Click on File Import and Export.

Step6:- Then Upload the ZIP file here below and select the UCM Account.

Step7:- Then go to Navigator again and click on Scheduled Processes.

Step8:- Then Run the Load Interface File Import as below.

Enter Parameters for this Program.
Step9:- Then Again click on Scheduled New Processes as below and run the second program.

Step10 :- Run the Second ESS job Import auto Invoice.

Enter the Job Parameters and Select the BU and Source Accordingly as per the sheet.


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